Sessions at McBane Mill


Widely known for his virtuosity on the mandolin, Tony Williamson’s release ‘Sessions at McBane Mill’ takes jazz mandolin to a new level.  Entirely instrumental, the album showcases Williamsons’ dexterity on the fretboard, as well as renowned guitarist Jeff Autry, classically trained bassist Robbie Link, and genre bending Rex McGee on banjo and fiddle.

You’ve never heard music like this before!  Inspired by artists including Jethro Burns, Stephan Grapelli and D’Jango, the trio reinvent material ranging from traditional fiddle tunes like “June Apple” to pop standards like “Spanish Eyes”, and even pay homage to Coltrane with the technically intricate jazz piece “Mr. PC”.  

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The musical group added a selection of original songs to the list as well, many of which became staples in Williamson’s live sets going forward.  Among these are “Wild Julio” (featured on ‘The Williamson Brothers Live In Virginia Vol. 2’), “Blue Heels” (appearing on 'Live in the Triad') and "Sunrise on the Water”.  Many of these were written by Tony at Topsaid Beach, NC.

Real Groove Music would also like to recognize that this album features a very special track commemorating one of the most important, yet popularly overlooked, holidays, Mother’s Day!  Written by Robbie Link, ‘Mother’s Day Waltz’ is certainly a highlight of the recording, and serves as a delightful soundtrack for your celebration of motherly love.


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