Dreams & Lies

Mandolin virtuoso Tony Williamson teams up with Rad Andy for a full length album of original material by these two prolific songwriters.  Featuring ¡Rad & Jamez! (Rad Andy & Jamez Dawkins), the artists present an innovative album as a jazzy, acoustic rock trio.  Rad Andy adds drums in the studio to fill out the fresh, chill sound, and Martha Bassett lends her incredible voice to a few tracks as a featured artist.  12 tasty tracks in a sleek, trifold digipack for your pleasure from Real Groove Music.  Order CD HERE.*


Highlights here include “Wet Lips & Candy”, a playful courtship tune, the ballad “Right Here With Me” featuring Martha Bassett, and the popular “Beautiful As They Seem”.  The mandolin solo on the latter selection was recorded in 1 take minutes before a thunderstorm caused a studio blackout.  Tony’s sizzling break was no doubt inspired by the impending storm.  “In My Garden” is also a notable song, featuring a bossa nova mandolin interlude and an extended mandolin solo on the breakdown.  

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Enjoy the single “Dawn” below in the official lyrics video release on YouTube:

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