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   When established bluegrass-rock artist Rad Andy met funk-jazz bassist James Dawkins on UNCA college campus in 2008, the musical chemistry was instant.  Both artists had a passion for a wide variety of musical styles and influences, and a talent for composition and live performance.  The two fused their sound, developing a hybrid genre-transcending creation called ‘Real Groove Music’.  At its core, the grooving, percussive guitar rhythms and funky, innovative bass lines interweave with memorable melodies, making the duo a powerful, inspirational acoustic experience.

"{¡Rad & Jamez!’s music} reminds me of what it means to be both a human and spiritual being… {and} underscores not only the exquisite pain (thankfully balanced by a bit of hope…), but also its almost primordial nature." -Carolyn Works


     Both Rad & James hold BS degrees in Music Technology, and their studio albums exhibit their mastery of the art.  Layering acoustic and electric instruments and vocals to capture powerful ballads, jammy up-tempo songs, and poppy singles, the artists collaborate with popular musical greats like Tony Williamson, Martha Bassett, and L-Fire to create a unique, amazing recorded experience.  With experience touring as a full band (at venues like Merlefest, Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival and Triad Acoustic Stage), ¡Rad & Jamez! still break down very effectively and successfully as an acoustic duo to demonstrate the heart and power of these wonderful musical compositions.

   ¡Rad & Jamez! appear on all the most recent titles in Rad Andy’s Discography, including the 2016 release ‘Now Trending’.  They are currently on tour, and available for concert, wedding and festival performances, as well as any other fun event in need of real groove music.  Enjoy their PRESS PAGE for booking and more music and videos.  Visit Rad’s DISCOGRAPHY to hear them in action.  Head on over to the TOUR page to see them live.  And visit our FACEBOOK and join the MAILING LIST so we can keep in touch!

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